A Tribute to My Screen Reader

The tones, the intonations and the voice modulations,
Everything is steeped in screen readers.
For me, these voices are my window to the world.
On Laptop, NVDA speaks for me,
And for my Android, it is Talkback that does the job.
All this might sound like robotic to you,
But believe me; screen readers are enthralling and romantic.
No matter where I wander in the digital world,
My screen readers are my companion in all crimes.
Whether job, radio shows or simply penning this post for my blog,
Screen reader watches me over throughout.
Indeed, I am in love with it,
And exciting part is ‘it is complicated’!
With time, I know how my screen reader is going to react,
Ah, it’s like a friend in room, a companion in life and an assistant on screen.
For others, screen readers might be a noise,
But for me, screen readers are woven in the melodies of learning, instructions and commands.


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