The Dripping Hope

Hope seams a far cry,
When despair smirks at you!
But remember my friend,
You are not alone.
Everyone witnesses the moments of gloom and frail.
Courageous is to understand it is not the end and,
Yes, it’s okay to not to be okay at times.
But once the slot of despair evaporates,
Make sure you take abode in the realm of hope.
Imagine the times when you were on the top,
Think about the experience of an embrace drenched with love and passion,
Feel the presence of Lord,
And you shall feel the gleaming hope surrounding you right away.
Well, it might sound funny or fictional to you,
But it happens only if you try to see it.
There is hope, despair and gloom; everything all over the place,
Eventually, it is all about what you tap at!


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