Networking Sites…

Are the lives on networking sites real?
Faking the exotic pictures and stunning check-ins,
Do they mean anything?
Never be shattered with the online splashing feeds of others,
People are not even half of what they post!
Never waste your time and energy over the stuff you see on sites,
Half of that is for faking sake or else is once in a blue moon trail.
Peace of mind can be yours,
Only if you explore the feeds online and then forget them right there!
Anything that looks too good to be true,
Is actually a well dressed lie!
And indeed, a lot of posts on networking sites are imposters,
Be wise to realize or you might be in disguise.


  1. Very, very well putm internet today is making most of us insane, deceiving us with, asbyou put it “well dressed lies.” It is nothing but a facade. And we really need to check when we start loaing our peace of mind beacuse of what others are posting.

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  2. Yes! Love this post! You are very wise to write these words. Social media has changed so much – some of it for good (helping businesses) and a lot of it for bad (fueling the insecurity, doubt, phoniness and competition).

    I am so grateful you have not only seen social media for what it is but are also helping others to see it too. There are true, helpful people we can meet along our journey with social networking sites. But it is best to remember that so much of what people post is indeed a lie. Why even bother with your time being wasted or your mind being played for a fake image?

    Thanks for reminding people they are perfect the way they are and there is no need to fall into the trap of β€œperfection.”

    My favorite lines of yours are: Anything that looks too good to be true, Is actually a well dressed lie!” Amen πŸ™‚ Wishing you a wonderful, joyfilled day! β™₯

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