My First Unexpected Interaction with Braille Oriented Elevator

You know about 15 percent of the world population is of PWDs and it is more than one billion. Being a visually impaired person, I have always hoped and wished about better infrastructure for people with disabilities. Certainly, I always feel fascinated by any and everything that has to do with inclusion.
This morning I was walking with my sister in the lawn at my Bhaiya and Bhabhi’s place. It is a residential society in Chandigarh area. We were in a hurry and we took the elevator to fifth floor. Since my sister had some stuff in hand, I thought I would try to tap on the button to go to fifth floor. The moment I touched the button area with my hands, to my surprise there was Braille language given on the buttons. For those of you who don’t know what is Braille, it is a form of written language for visually challenged people, in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips. Back to my experience, every button in the elevator has Braille engraved numbers. I specially took out some time and explored the entire texture and area. I told everybody once I reached the apartment about the presence of Braille in the elevators. Even my brother and bhabhi had no clue about it.
Ah, really this is something that made my day and I could feel a cheek to cheek smile on my face. Maybe many of you have experienced Braille in the elevators of your residential societies or even in commercial elevators; but for me it was the first time. At that moment, I regarded the architectures of that society and felt so indebted.
Here, if you could take some time out and you live in a society, next time when you take the elevator, kindly find out if there is Braille therein? I really want to know. Many times I have heard about Braille thing on elevators but never did I really experience it. So, I look forward to hear from you in the comment area. No matter in which region you live in, I would love to hear from you. I would be all ears!


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