Is the world cherishing the Hypocrites?

I have always been so naïve to believe everything I witness,
And lately I realized how hypocrisy is the trend.
A few beings I thought I know so well,
They turned out to be mere hypocrites.
Appear to be near to ideal individuals,
They are hollow souls with sugary words.
Beware my friend,
Every sweet tongue you come across,
Might not be really sweet,
Sometimes the coated tongues are the piercing weapons.
People profess to be gentle,
But they might be gross.
These wordings I am pouring out here are not distinct,
these are shared by millions of innocent souls.
The way every beautifully Embellished thing is not flawless,
In the same way, every person who appears to be too gentle & grateful,
May not be great.
Keep your brains on tactic & active mode,
Because you might be the next victim of manipulating sugary tongues.

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