3 Awesome Things Only Visually Impaired Women Can Relate To

There are many things that everyone can relate to, but being a visually challenged woman, I feel we have our own ways of doing things. People always have their doubts about us and start acting and reacting because of their whimsical assumptions. This post can get you a quick walk through some segments of our lives.
Innate Happiness at Every little Achievement
Certainly, it is for everyone but I feel, we visually impaired women feel more excited, happy and on cloud nine when we experience a new addition of skill on our plate. We become more confident about ourselves, our existence. Here, an anecdote comes to mind, once I was in a conference on skype with some visually impaired friends and a few sighted people. One young man amidst the group talk said: “Don’t you feel being a visually impaired women is a double disability; first female and then disabled too?” I don’t know why but at that time all the people in the group talk, giggled and simply laughed restrictedly. It really pierced my heart that day, and later that day I spoke about it with a few of my female visually impaired, independent women. Like me, they too felt hurt and disturbed. You must be thinking why didn’t I simply say anything at the time when that man said it so generally. Well, I kept quiet at that time and I simply said aloud, I think I should go now it is too late. You know why I did so? I knew that silence at times says the louder words. Back to context, at every small achievement, no matter what it may be, I feel endless happiness and I am sure my fellow visually impaired women too. You need to understand that disability is a part of us and not our entire life.
The Periods Time
Maybe it is a taboo to talk about periods, but it is time that we say it without any shyness. Being a visually impaired woman, some close ones always tried to inquire about how we manage during that time of the month. I simply smile at them and say: “It is not always about the visuals, sometimes intuition works wonders.” I always get an intuition before I get my date. I am sure each of us, visually impaired women, have our ways of measuring our dates and identifying the emergence. At the end of the day, everyone has different ways of assessing things and we also do. If you have the misconception that our family members have to tell about it, you need to shun that silly thought. Quick tips for visually impaired women to know that your periods are approaching:
– Underline the common signs that you get before periods. You can feel heaviness in your body, pain in your back and tummy. You can also find yourself little more annoyed and experience acnes or pimples on your body.
– Look for sticky vaginal discharge with an unusual smell. It would help you track your periods.
Taking Help
Believe it or not, it is much easier for males to ask for help than females when it comes to visual impairment. Generally, males hold any hand, get away with anyone and feel comfortable. But we, visually impaired women, we have to be vigilant about so many things. Recently, in a metro station, I took assistance of a Metro staff member to navigate through the station up to my train. Of course, I was holding my cane but that person wanted to hold my hand, I politely told him to gently hold my cane or simply go right next to me and I shall follow. I didn’t feel the comfort from within to allow him to hold my hand or arm; and I feel that is okay. Sometimes, we do not want anyone to hold us and guide us. Taking help is a great thing when needed, but we women know to which extent we can take it comfortably and how we should have it. If you think we doubt everyone who helps us, no that is not our nature. It is just an innate instinct to make sure that the other person knows we are alert enough and not ready to get assisted by anyone or everyone.

Moreover, one more thing that many of us might prefer to do is hold the hand of the other person. Yes, we can hold their arm somewhere between wrist and the elbow. In this way we can stay more confident about the pace and our overall structure. Moreover, the control would be in our hand and not in the hand of the other person. Only our hand comes in connection with the other person and that is pretty comfortable and okay. These are the three things that I personally feel awesome about. If you think I personally have learnt or worked on these things overnight, that is not the case. If anyone feels that we visually impaired women are less than anyone else, that is their ignorance that rules their mind and words and not rationality.
If you have anything to say about this post, I would love to hear. Kindly drop in your views in the comment box. Again, if you want to add something more to this piece, go ahead, I am all ears!


  1. I think this post is very helpful for those of us who are not visually impaired ,but are women, to know more and understand more about being visually impaired. Also even without the visual impairment we , as women, have much in common.

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  2. I don’t have anything specific to say about this post (which is interesting, in itself), but I need to let you know that I read all your posts with great interest because it gives me a different perspective to life that I would never have got by any other way.
    Keep writing….

    Liked by 1 person

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