5 Things I Always Practice to Stay Motivated

To stay motivated at all times is an art and I am glad I am good at it. Early in my life I realized that if I would not motivate myself, nobody else going to do either. People can motivate you temporary but not always. You have to become your own motivation through ups and downs. You have to carve your ways and find out what keep you most motivated.
In this post I will share with you 5 Things I Always {Practice to Stay Motivated in my life. Indeed, being a visually challenged person, I have always tasted the sorest flavors of society and nothing has come easy for me. Disability is a part of me and I wear it with my chin up, but then there are times when the ignorance of others hit you hard and shakes your strengths. If you want to know how I have kept myself motivated at all times, don’t miss out on this, three to five minutes read below!
1. I Scold & Appreciate Myself
I am a learner and I would always intend to be one. No matter how good I maybe at something, I follow to stay vigilant about all my actions. Every time I do anything wrong or perform substandard, I scold myself in a gentle manner. It is a way of telling myself that you really need to improve. If the bloopers I make are silly, I do deserve a rebuke from me and I always see it coming. But If I perform or act in a sensible or effective manner, I do pat my back with a proud feeling. I feel if I won’t acknowledge about shortcomings or strengths, I do no good to me! Since I scold and appreciate myself after every action or reaction, I feel motivated!
2. Writing A Thought Every Day!
How is my day, how I want it to be or what if feel about the present condition of my life; I give it all a voice through my daily thoughts. No matter you ace the art of writing or you are a beginner, you should always write one thought a day. In this way you pour out your frustration, anxieties, happiness or mixed feelings through words. You can write to yourself the thought for the day and you have no idea how that short thought can uplift your mood and boost your spirit instantly. You can write one liner or can go for two-line thoughts too!
3. Listening to Music
Indeed, music is one thing that can give you comfort when you need it the most. At the same time, music can fill you with instant motivation. Sometimes, you need a prompt distraction and that can be attained with music. You can listen to songs that make you feel up and motivated. I am sure you all have those songs or tracks, irrespective of language, that make you happy and lively instantaneously. If you do not invest any time in music then you should. It is like a remedy for your mental health. If you feel low, make sure that you listen to a motivating or refined music playlist and you would feel great.
4. Physical Exercise or Jogging/Walking
You know what sometimes physical exercise is all that you need. You can always ensure that you kick away your health issues with your exercise and workout. You can always feel good and uplifted if you add up minimum ten-minute physical workout in your routine. You can go for jogging, walk around a little or simply do any sort of exercise at home. You have no idea how physical exercise can help your mind and body both to cope with your external pressures and internal tensions. You would feel light and positive. Such a feel always give motivation. You would improve a boost at your work place too because of this addition in your routine.
5. Introspection
Ah, it is a wonderful thing to do every day. You should always find some time off for yourself every day. You have to think about what you did, what you are doing and what you intend to do. When you do introspection about everything in your life, you would find solutions, answers and better ideas. Introspection of ten minutes or longer can-do wonders for you. You would definitely feel positive. And you would always add something about you that wasn’t in your mind previously.
These are 5 Things I Always Practice to Stay Motivated. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Would love to hear about your ways too. Let us all make this life more productive by staying motivated at all times!


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