Strange Things My 3-Month-Old Beagle Has Taught Me!

As most of my readers know about the demise of my previous beloved Labrador named ‘Junior’ on 15th April. It was a hard time for my family and me. He was my muse and source of motivation. The absence of Junior made an emptiness in our lives. My parents and I were steeped into sadness and gloominess.
In the month of July this we decided to bring another furry fellow in the family. Junior was with us for 9 and a half years and it was the best companionship one could ever have. He was the most generous, loving, caring and understanding soul I have ever come across. After keeping Labrador, we decided to keep a breed that is smaller in size. My brother always wanted us to try for Beagle. Of course, those of you who know the difference between a Labrador and Beagle might be giggling right now. Indeed, the both breeds are poles apart. Labradors are quiet, intelligent and calm. But Beagles are always energetic, clever and jumping all over the place. Intelligence is one trait that both the breeds share though. We brought Lemon Beagle and He is endlessly naughty and profusely energetic. His name is Magic and he has undoubtedly brought some magic in our lives. Again, this naughty fellow has taught me a few strange things I would love to share with my readers.
Keep Yourself Entertained
Yes, you heard it right this fellow always keeps himself entertained. Even if nobody is there playing with him, he swings the curtains, jumps around, tear apart all the newspapers or whatever is laying in his area. Sometimes these actions on his part make us angry but I applaud his trait of keeping himself entertained. He keeps on running in the rooms, jumping and trying to climb higher and higher. Even if there is a bedsheet hanging on the rope to get dry in the backyard, he tries to reach it to swing. The way siblings pat or simply slap friendly each other while walking around to tease, he does exactly the same thing. If you pass him or he passes you, he climbs on you or simply tries to grip your clothes. He taps on everything that comes his way. You can literally find entertaining spirit in a Beagle.

Engaging Souls
His actions always provoke the other person to act or react. He always does something that the other person has to stand up from his seat and look for him. He tries to engage everyone. For example, he takes away one shoe or sleeper. In this way he makes sure that the other person comes to take it from him. He never takes both the shoes of a pair and there where his engagement lies. If you have three pairs of shoes in your room, he takes away one piece of each of them. Similarly, he hides his bowl in the areas so that you have to search for it when giving him food. Of course, his urge to play and engage in activities pursue him to do such deeds. Apparently, these things are not at all harming but they are startling. In my own ways, I learn the quality of engaging from his actions.

Always Curious
There is a saying: “Curiosity kills the cat.” Well, it is true if you are too curious at the wrong times. But sometimes curiosity helps you reach out better levels in your life. If you have a flavor of curiosity in your life, you can always learn new things. Now, this lemon beagle is always curious. Right from a carton to a bag to a specs case; he is always curious. He tries to grab, to reach things and expand his horizons every hour. His curiosity leads him in every venture he gets into!Go-Getter!
Whenever I heard about the things he does all day long, I feel this thing deeply woven in him. He is always trying to get better. When he came he was only kg and extremely tiny? He used to reach his box wherein his vegetarian dog calcium sticks were laying. He was too small to reach there but every day he tries to reach their dozens of times. Finally, one day, His persistence fetched him the entire pack of sticks! He simply shook the whole box and the pack of sticks fell down and he binged on it right away. This shows his go-getter attitude. When a three-month-old can be so persistent and passionate, why not we all as well?

So, how did you find this post? Do you have a Labrador or a Lemon Beagle at home? Are you a dog lover? What type of traits your beloved furry friend teaches you? Share it all with me because I am all ears always!


  1. Dogs are what not. They can make you feel so good even when you are going through hell. The best part it, they do all of it naturally. I can’t agree more to your amaging post on beagles in particular, and dogs in general. Keep on writing, your pen express everything so well. 🐾🐕🐶♥️👍✨


  2. Dogs are lovely and I was laughing reading the antics of yours. You have your hands full.

    My first dog was when I was 9 and then I owned dogs in my teens. It was cats after that from my teens, due to practicalities of it.
    Now I have a hamster, as more suited to my current situation.
    I have enjoyed having all these pets and more I have not mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

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