White Cane Day: 15th October 2019

The white cane has turned out to be a sign of independence, freedom, and confidence. The usage of this cane allows a visually challenged person to move about freely in his or her environment. In case people know how to use a white cane, they can attain their daily tasks with ease.
Like every year, today on 15th October we have ‘White Cane Day’. The mission of White Cane Day is to aware the world about blindness and how the visually challenged can live and work independently at the same time giving back to their communities. The day is to celebrate the capabilities and successes accomplished by visually challenged people in a sighted world.

Does Divya Use a White Cane?
Yes, I am a proud White Cane user. I started using this cane early this year. My readers already know about my 1st Independent venture with white cane in the Metro station of New Delhi. Those who have missed it can find the link in the end of this post.
After my first venture, I took courage to expand my traveling with white cane. Since I belong to small city, I rarely get the chance to walk around in the crowded places alone with cane. Recently on 12th September I went to New Delhi for my routine eye check-up. I did most of the traveling alone with my white cane in the city. My father was with me but he dropped me outside the Kashmiri Gate metro station. This time, I travelled not just in the metro stations but beyond that.
I travelled from Kashmiri Gate to Kailash Colony with my cane. Next, I made my way from the Kailash Colony metro station to the Shroff Eye Centre. The hospital was nearby so, I walked with my cane on the roads of Kailash Colony. Of course, I successfully made it to the hospital!
Indeed, white cane has actually made me more confident and my self-esteem is twofold now! I have only one message for my peers, if you really accept your vision impairment, you should not hesitate to use white cane. It is our most powerful tool while we travel! And if you think what others will say about you, what your friends would think or how people would take you; come on, that is not your headache!
I would love to hear about your white cane moments too!
Proud White Cane User

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