A Story on Me by PatientsEngage

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“No matter how blurry the surroundings are, Karate always make me come alive with passion and zeal. Maybe I cannot recognize faces, maybe I cannot measure the gap but what I can do right is – I can practice my skill to perfection. I do karate with sheer enthusiasm and it is something that supports me through the dark days too. It gets difficult to tell that you cannot make out how far the person is standing or from where someone is attacking, but if you have the confidence and skills, you get that spirit from within.”

Divya Sharma,26 is a young lady with 25 per cent vision due to acute glaucoma as a child. She is a successful professional, a karate blue belt, as well as an active advocate of sensitization sessions regarding disabilities. She is a winner on many counts. And she is raring to go.

#VisionImpairment #Glaucoma #Karate #MartialArt #Accessibility

Image description: A young woman in white shirt and rust coloured trousers in a park, smiling walking towards the camera


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