Luck: Does it Really Exist?

Hard work, determination and passion,
Do you think all this fade in absence of luck?
There are always days when you give your 200%,
But luck fails to play in your favor.
Persistence, willpower & enthusiasm,
All seem to attract an expiry date when the luck lacks.
Lord, is there really something called luck?
Disappoints never wound the heart,
But when things persistently don’t work out,
It pierces the willpower.
Bestow the strength, if not luck,
Allow my heart and soul to feel the presence of righteousness.


  1. Luck exists but if it doesn’t work right for you, don’t lose your heart and inner-will. The powers above are watching you and will definitely shower the right on you at the right time. Just have the faith in him, and never give up. 🙂

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