My Poor Scared Beagle

My readers know about my four months old beagle named ‘Magic’. Last week I was playing with him in backyard. My Grandma was sitting on the chair and I was running in the grass. Since I am well-acquainted with every inch of my yard, I was running behind my furry boy.
Ah, we usually have numerous funny, hilarious and love filled moments together. A quick reminder here, I am a low vision person and he is too small to sense it so far. Of course, my previous, beloved pet dog (Labrador Junior) who took abode to heaven in April 2019, had immense capability of sensing my vision impairment and used to make his conducts accordingly. He knew well that I cannot see much and he was absolutely vigilant. Indeed, it was a precious tangible association of around 10 years and intangible connection for lifetime.
Getting back to the play time with beagle boy Magic, I was running and suddenly he ran into me from my right side. Since I have no vision in my right eye and 20 percent vision in my left eye, I can’t make out anything from right. I tumbled on him. Poor he, he was dazed. I took a few seconds to balance my control. Indeed, my balance is pretty impressive and all thanks to my karate practice. Since I was almost on my beagle, he ran away. I left the incident there and stepped inside the house to escape the firming flickers of Sun rays.
Later that day, I entered in the room where my baby brother Magic was sitting. The moment I entered, he ran away from the room. Soon I realized he was scared of me. He avoided me for a couple of times and by the end of the day, I somehow comforted him with bribe in the form of his favorite milk sticks and love filled pats. I definitely had no clue whether I should be disappointed, regretful or sad. I shrugged off the thoughts with a quick laugh and reminded myself to be more careful with this delicate, innocent and extremely naughty fellow ‘Magic’.

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