How to Avoid People Politely?

There are always times when you don’t like some people or you simply dislike the presence of some fellows. Ah, you cannot simply avoid them because that might look odd, immature and rude. Here, I would share a few quick ways to avoid people in a polite manner.
– Say a big hi to someone you don’t like and simply shove from there. This way, your cheery Hi would be more than enough to attend them.
– If you are stuck in a gathering and you want to slip from there, don’t leave from there silently. Say a humble sentence or make a statement like, “I have an important call to make. You people have fun.” You have to be really casual in your tone while you say this. Once you casually say things, that would look convincing.
– Suggest an activity that you are sure they won’t be interested in. For example, if you know the other fellow is not fond of walking around; offer them to accompany you for a walk. This way, chances are they would make an excuse and take a leave. By chance if they agree to this, tell them you are planning to stretch your walk for long kilometers and they might feel reluctant to pursue the walk with you. You have to be prompt, tactful and casual in your way of saying.
– Make them feel important by saying something that they let you go. For example, if you are in the middle of a conversation and you earnestly want to leave from there; just ask them to suggest you a thing. Ask them that you have two important things to do right away and give them two random things. Ask for their opinion which one you should do on immediate basis. This way, they would find your talk genuine and sincerely pick an option for you. Thereby, take a polite exit from there. Since you involved them in your decision making, they won’t mind let you go or feel offended.
I feel these are a few of the quick things that are pouring from my mind now. Share your points if you have any.

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