Happy International Day of People with Disability

Last year on this International Day of People with Disability, I made a self-defense Karate Video for PWDs and the Link I will share below. Last to last year, I made a sensitizing video for general people regarding assistive technology and screen readers. The links are given in the end of this post. And today, I have penned this short post on fitness and disability. I feel, exercise, walking, running, stretching, Yoga or any type of workout is a bliss for
everyone who does it.
I have always been passionate about everything. I love to see my peers do well in their lives and their wellbeing gives me immense happiness. When I look at my community of people with disability, I find people not too focused on fitness. I personally feel fitness is an asset that can make anyone feel good,
happy and satisfied with their life. The biggest perk is, fitness boosts self-esteem.
I personally keep myself in the best possible shape I can. Being a person with Vision Impairment, especially a patient of Glaucoma, I cannot do a few rigorous workouts because of pressure on my eye nerves but that hasn’t deterred me from pursuing Karate and overall fitness regime. I love to practice
stretching, kicks, punches, running and core exercises. I believe in: Work hard,
workout harder! No matter you are a handsome man or a stunning woman; workout is for everyone!
Today, on international Day of People with Disability, I want to spread a word about fitness and disability. I really want to see my PWD friends to invest some
minutes or at least an hour for fitness every day. Once we are all fit and active; we can feel better about ourselves and life.
Exercise is great for all of us, no matter we are people with disabilities or not. It gets our hearts racing, enhance our mood, and even helps us sleep. Exercise is usually defined as any activity outside of normal daily routine, with the motive of improving overall health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Though the physical benefits of workout are readily known, the impact on mental health is mostly overlooked. The endorphins that gets released during exercise have been proven to diminish symptoms related to anxiety and depression. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that exercise for all, heads to general feelings of well-being.

Stay Fit and Happy!
Often, people with disabilities do not work on their fitness. Our fitness plays a big role in our productivity and charm. We can look charming and stay happy
only if we are working on our personality. Fitness is not a part of looks but overall personality. I strongly feel that PWDs should work on their fitness and start engaging in exercises that make them feel good from within. Workout enhances the overall personality.

What research says?
As per research, exercise for PWDs is even more important than for the ones without a disability. Why so? Well, did you know that health conditions like diabetes and obesity have been proven to be up to sixty six percent more probable in people with disabilities than their non-disabled peers? It is specifically important for those of us who are not really doing any physical activity on a regular basis if we want to live long, healthy and happy lives.
Dear friends, remember, the social perception can frequently constrain the willingness of PWDs to engage in exercise, maybe it is a fear of not wanting to be witnessed as different, or standing out, or panic that someone might say something unfriendly and unnecessary. Either way, the universe needs to hug diversity more and this cannot be done in case people with disabilities are hiding behind closed doors. So, the point is, don’t be afraid to show your different abilities with confidence, irrespective of who is watching.
Stay fit, stay happy and don’t forget to share your views in the comment area.
2018-My Karate Video for Self-Defense:

2017-My Sensitizing video regarding screen readers for general people-

Keep Smiling and Spread smile!


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