Crazy Myths About Me That I Repeatedly Hear from People

Being a visually impaired person, I have often encountered people having their extensive myths. People assume things and act according to them. I often tell my people and everyone I meet to be more eloquent with me. If they have anything to ask me, they should freely ask me rather than simply assuming.
People do have myths about people with disabilities and I feel surprised to know about the myths people have about me. The point is, people need to be little more dignified about others. They cannot simply assume something and act accordingly. I often laugh when people make comments that hold no substance.
Myth 1- I Do Have an Assistant
many people get excited when they get to know about my presence on online platforms. It is really funny that they think I have someone who works on my behalf online. They think just because I cannot read anything on screen, I cannot be present online myself. Ah, poor they, they have no idea about my screen readers. Even if I tell them about these readers, they don’t want to listen and understand. They are well-contented and happy in their assumptions. Come on, do people really think that I am too rich to afford someone to write everything for me, run my laptop or use my mobile for me? So, if you too are of the opinion that people with vision impairment cannot operate computers or phone then please shun this myth.
Myth 2: I Am Capable, Really?
Ah, many people are of the opinion that people with vision impairment cannot be skilled. Come on, being a visually impaired person, I often encounter such minds that think I am incapable. Whatever I have done in my life or doing, it is because of my persistent efforts. People show me sympathy and when they get to know that I m doing so many things in my life, they get astounded. The problem with many individuals is that they want to see us (PWDs) as unfortunate creatures.
Maybe I cannot read the page; I cannot recognize the individuals; I cannot see what is coming on the screen; but that nowhere means I am incapable. I have my own ways of doing things. Maybe you simply turn the page of the book and read, I wear my headphones and the screen reader reads the content for me.
Myth 3: I Can Help & Guide
Even if I am growing in my field, people think that I might be simply dragging myself ahead. The point is, my vision impairment is just a part of me and not my entire life. People need to explore well before they make an opinion. You know what, there have been many instances when I have helped people in different capacities; and also, there have been times when I took help. Don’t you take help or give help? My vision impairment never becomes a barrier between me and my act of helping others. I do guide my friends who seek it and it is as natural as it can be. Don’t assume that we PWDs are capable of taking help and not giving a helping hand. I don’t understand what vision impairment has to do with ‘giving and taking’ help.
Finally, before I wrap up this, remember we are visually challenged but it does not mean we don’t have goals, aspirations, determination, aims, purposes, dreams and life. Just because you do not know about our ways, it does not mean we aren’t doing anything. I am well-contented in my life and working on myself constantly to become a better version of me. I am happily leading a life that is far from shallow thoughts or negative mind. I am perfect in my imperfection!

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