Inviting Mercy for My Comrade

I feel you in ways that nobody can,
I want to console you but I simply can’t.
My words, I know are not enough to comfort you;
I really want to do something concrete for you.
Life is getting rough on you constantly,
I don’t have a place to visit and complain.
Amidst the agony, you are coiled up in toxic vicinities,
You are striving to thrive.
I Pray to Lord to bestow His Mercy on you,
Your pain hollows me from within.
Wish, Wish, Wish I could intervene,
Intervene in a way that demean your invisible grief.
Kudos to you that you are staying strong,
I would have got uprooted by now.
Hope, it is a four-alphabet word,
My all expectations are with these four letters.
I am sure,
Sure, that things would get better and fall in your favor one day.
I believe in goodness, honesty and hard-work,
You have it all, all in abundance!
I am still wondering,
What Lord is waiting for even now?

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