Inclusion: The Changing Direction

The direction in the world is gradually changing.
Where disabled people were once used to seen as a liability,
This mindset is now slowly losing its hold.
Kudos to the individuals striving towards inclusion in the world,
Without inclusion, the vision of inclusive world is a bogus word.
I put my inclusive efforts through words, talks and live presentations,
And determined to make the world little more inclusive.
Still people whisper about disabilities,
They shy to talk it loud and clear.
I am striving to make this world a place,
Where disability is mainstream and people have nothing to shy about it.
The path to direction towards an inclusive society is a long-lasting one,
Still efforts are constant on our parts.
Everyone reading this piece,
Promise me you shall spread a word about disability and the awareness deeds.
Let the world be sensitized about the progress taking place in this sector,
And only then we can expect widespread transformation.
Your single word about screen readers, our ways of working or actions,
Can make the persuasive wave.
I promise, I am all ears for all the talks regarding PWDs,
Let me take this chance to sow this seed of hope and inclusiveness.


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