My Sincere Anticipation This Christmas

Our dear Santa,
You are an adored Imaginary legend.
Int this worldly Pageant,
Bestow your love, blessings and charisma on us.
Struggles, sufferings and sacrifices,
These are the components of this world.
Guide us to be more passionate towards our goals,
And less embroiled in worldly deeds and uncouth souls.
May all my loved ones be hallowed with happiness, smiles and gleams,
This is my sincere anticipation this Christmas.
I am no stranger to sadness, agony and sufferings;
But yes, I am also no stranger to blessings, happiness and good times.
Thank you from the bottom of my soul,
You have always solved my distresses with the presence of your console.
Times have been really hard this year,
But I know you are, were and will always be there.
Merry Christmas to all my readers, friends, acquaintances and dear ones,
I pray we all flourish and spread joy in lives we touch.


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