I face my fights with my chin up,
I put efforts to be the best in every field.
But when it comes to ‘She’,
I find myself feeble and weak.
Without any fault of hers,
She is undergoing the pain and woe.
I constantly buttressing her with my support,
But again, I wish I could just fight the challenges afflicted on her by myself.
Going through a hard time is difficult,
But seeing someone dear to you suffering is tormenting.
It does not matter who ‘She’ in this piece,
What matters is her unending troubles.
I do support her, I boosts her morale;
Even when I know hearts-in-hearts, what she is undergoing is not easy to gulp.
Every morning & night,
I find myself in this deepening plight.
Positive person I am,
But continuous grieves are leaving no stone unturned in thwarting my optimistic regime.
My worry is,
What if I lose my hold on positivity?
If I won’t’ be positive,
How would I keep my loved ones optimistic?

Did you ever experience such instances? What do you say about it? Can you drop any anecdotes here? I feel sharing is healing, and I am paying full attention.

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