A Perfect Party

Last month, my friend Bunny told me about the wedding of our close friends Sheetal and Rishub. As two
friends of our group of six were going to be knotted, we were excited. Both Sheetal and Rishub have
lifted themselves from a very poor family background. Working in multi-national companies, both spend
money with an open hand.
For the long awaited function, we began to look for stylish clothes and trendy jewelry. Everybody
purchased designer attires. The venue of the wedding party was a stunning farm house in the outskirts
of Mumbai. Both the families were settled in Mumbai and most of their relatives were also local.
Our group was discussing about the duties to be done by everybody. Responsibilities related to catering,
decoration and lodging were distributed. I couldn’t offer my presence in doing the preparations as I was
in Kolkata but I assisted in arrangements which could be dealt through internet like placing orders for
the post-wedding presents for people attending the marriage.
I reached Mumbai two days before the marriage. As everything from venue to wedding planners looked
lavish, we were perplexed about the wedding present. We took a whole day and finally decided to
sponsor a three day trip for the couple.
On the day of the wedding party, we were at the venue since evening. Everything was being decorated
tastefully and the areas were specified for different activities. Parents of Sheetal and Rishub were
supervising the activities along with the siblings. Bunny, Rex, Jimmy and I were discussing how lucky the
couple was that their party was happening in a grand way and that too according to their likings.
The guests began to enter the main ceremony area. We were assisting them in making their way. Most
of the guests were not familiar to us. After sometime we noticed that most of the people attending the
party were not the relatives but the ones residing in orphanages and old age homes. Some of the guests
comprised of under privileged children.
Their faces were full of aliveness, the eyes were glittering and the jaws were fallen with a feeling of awe.
The whole scenario was perfumed with blessings and goodness. Like any other wedding the people were
climbing to the stage and bestowing their good wishes on the couple. The cameramen were capturing
the moments of the couple surrounded by these unknown but genuine people.
The four of us were stunned and were full of respect for the couple and their parents. We had no idea
that all these scrumptious dishes and fond arrangements were being made for people residing in
orphanages and old age homes. The party was full of merriment and thrill and everybody enjoyed to
the fullest.
The inspiring thing is that the couple met all the expenditure through savings and loans and that too for
the guests who were not double standard relatives or hypocrites but the people who didn’t even know
the meaning of a farm house.

Fiction by Divya Sharma


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