Happy Birthday Maa!

As you are 60 Years young Today, I would take this moment to express my feelings for you. A ray of
sunshine you have always been; be it your classy dressing sense, charismatic nature or loving
personality; You surely are larger than life Maa. It is the delicious food you prepare, the unconditional
love and care you do, the teaching skills you carry, the valorousness you have, makes me idolize you,
Mom! A beautiful tenure of your 37 years in teaching, and 60 years of life spreading cheerfulness
beyond boundaries; Here you are, ready to embrace post-60 zone of life! There is profound charm
and genteel grace with those few wrinkles on the face. I feel so proud to witness the poise in your
elegance, and your ongoing spirit to do good. It’s an accomplishment to be sweet 60, You are deeply
experienced and nifty. There are still abundant more things for you to do, Sure, I am; you shall carry
on with an attitude that has always been bold. Indeed, it is a supreme honour and dignity in turning a
majestic sixty. It is a landmark post, and this Ode is your 60th toast!
Wish you a very happy birthday Mummy. Without You, I would not have been who I am today. My
courage stems from you. Thank you for being with me throughout the glorious and darkest shades.
You have been my role model and your happiness and blessings mean the most to me! Love you so much. ❤️❤️🙏🙏💙💙💐💐 God bless you always Maa..


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