Your presence has been bestowing in many ways,
There were days when I was frail and you made be sail.
When Kavya got married, I was feeling alone and paled.
I was not sure how would I overcome her absence,
But you helped me face and ace.
Certainly, when a twin gets married and live at a distance,
It gets difficult not to miss.
Being a Visually impaired person,
I always found in her my support system.
Every weekend, I used to drive my happy moments through her,
And then she got married.
Even far from me, she is always with me,
But sometimes I do need physical presence for assistance.
I am surprised how I came across one and a half year, without her ,
Strong, bold and her proud sister.
Parents are there with all their love and compassion for me,
They are a blessing I can never describe.
But then, after Kavya left, a friend, I needed.
And you rose like an elder friend,
A friend, in front of whom, I can be myself.
Without any second thought,
I began to share everything with you,
As your care, love, trust and compassion convinced me.
And I am glad I got you.
Lord, He has been generous,
I don’t have many people whom I can share my closet zone with,
But I do have a few whom I celebrate in my life

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