Value of Efforts

Efforts are enlightening and empowering,
The more efforts you put, the better you become.
Efforts are for you,
And not for them to acknowledge.
Keep on putting your efforts,
And it is okay if the world wants to envy them.
People often tend to circumvent your efforts,
Because they are not ready to put efforts themselves.
If fellows never recognize your efforts,
Don’t be upset because they are suffering with complex of not putting efforts themselves.
Efforts should be put for your own conscious,
And not for convincing others.
Once you have a thread of efforts going on in your life,
Yu shall reap the best out of everything.
Later or sooner,
The mindful efforts pay.
My friend, be patient, persistent and positive,
God is acknowledging your efforts, if not people around you.
Be proud of your efforts,
You are daring enough to embrace efforts.
The path of efforts is always tough,
But it is enlightening, empowering and enhancing too!

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