Valentine Day 💙

Express love to people who appreciate all your achievements,
And shouldered your struggles and problems with you.
Shower love on your parents & siblings,
Who never left stone unturned to fulfil your desires.
What you failed to voice your parents or siblings in life,
Take this Valentine day and express it.
The day is not for lovey-dovey alone,
It is the moment to unfold your emotions to your beloved family members.
Your family has always fancied you,
And you hardly have acknowledged it through words or gestures.
Keeping those three words ‘I Love You’ in heart are not enough,
Say them aloud when your ones are alive.
Regret of not saying how much you love them,
Can cruelly scratch your heart every moment once they are gone.
Happy valentines’ Day to you & your people,
People who stayed with you through glooms and blooms.

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