A Gush of Emotions: Kindly Share a Word About This Situation

Divya is running in blue top and black trousers

As my readers know about my passion for workout and Karate, this post would give you a quick flavor
about another activity I so wanted to do. I love to challenge myself but sometimes, dependency blows
me hard.
Last month, I came to know about a half marathon that would be taking place on 23rd February 2020
in our city. I instantly found myself fascinated to try it. I booked my tickets for 10km run. But then,
there isn’t any instance when my vision impairment doesn’t pose an issue. I took a few days to find
out a person who could attend the marathon with me.
Yes, I did come across one of my friends who is in my city. He always wanted to lose weight. He readily
agreed to accompany me for this run. Being a visually impaired person, it is not possible for me to run
alone. I don’t want to stumble on zig-zag roads or slip on rocky paths. I told him to start practice with
me because he doesn’t have a good stamina. I am into regular workouts so I have slightly impressive
stamina. I booked his tickets, paid the fees and everything appeared determined.
We started the run the same day we had talk. He works and so do I. We could make time for marathon
practice every day at night 7:30pm after our respective jobs. Practice was going great and we could
even cover 7.34km in 50minutes. He also developed so much interest for the run because he had
never pondered that he would be able to run even a single kilometer. I was also happy that I could
make him run and I got a good partner for the run.
And today, I feel my will always stands defeated in front of dependency on others. Unfortunately, he
lost one of his relatives who was suffering with some health issue. Now, I think he won’t be
accompanying me for the Marathon run.
I don’t understand why always when I give up 100 percent, fight the problems and give extra efforts
for difficult things; why they become more difficult? I have experienced many such instances in my
life already where I prepared so hard for things and I could have done much better than others but
because of my dependency as a visually impaired person on others; I couldn’t just make it. Here, I am,
trying hard to gulp this fact that I might have to give up on the upcoming marathon run because I don’t
have anyone to accompany me for this marathon. And the truth is, I am resolute to run this marathon
alone, but my family won’t allow me.
Then, hearts-in-hearts, amidst the gust of emotions, I feel and say “Kudos to you my vision
impairment, you most of the times, manage to conquer my ‘WILL’ to thwart my boundaries.” Certainly,
I am not giving up and would try to look for someone to accompany me and I buy their ticket for
marathon and make them practice; but now, the chances of getting someone looks very meek.
Kindly Share a Word About This Situation. I would appreciate your valuable inputs.


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