How to Overcome Your Pet’s Death?

Divya patting her pet

Having a pooch is like having a rainbow in the garden. Your pet keeps you happy, energetic, on toes
and relaxed too. But the moment you lose your pet dog, the world can end to a halt. Agony rains on
you and the heart skips the beats.
Indeed, when you lose a pet dog, it is like end of your happy place. I have experienced the pain of
losing two dear, beloved and adored pet dogs. I daily hear about friends losing their beloved pet dogs
and getting shattered and depressed. This is a small post to help you overcome the death of your
beloved pet dog.

End of their pain
It might sound impractical to you or sound like a shallow sentence but it is the truth. If your pet was
suffering from an ailment or any health problem; it was their time to get free from their pain. You
cannot bring your pooch back and hence, it is better to find peace in the fact that the Lord wanted
your pet to get free from the pain and suffering he was going through.
Last year, my beloved Labrador named; Junior’ left us. I was not prepared to lose him and the reality
be told, I never thought I would be breathing without him. But then, I embraced the truth and
accepted the order of Lord. As the days passed by, I realized whatever happened, it happened for the
betterment of Junior. He was in so much pain. He was a Labrador and hence, he had that trait of not
showing pain or uneasiness. But the reality was, he was in extreme pain. Doctor used to visit home to
give injections, glucose bottles and blood bottles. If I look back now, I feel it is better that he went to
heaven at that time than to suffer every day of his life.

A Life Fully Lived
If you think you had a great time with your pet, you should be happy. You must feel so glad that you
gave your pet a life that not even human beings lead in this cruel world. You took care of all his needs,
pampered your pet, spoiled him with you curdles and tangy dishes. Indeed, you celebrated the life of
your pet in the best manner. Now, since your pet is no more, he would certainly be at a better place
and thinking about how he had a divine time with you on earth. You gave him the best place to live in
the world and his death was not in your hand. your pet fully lived the life and must be looking at you
from behind the skies!
At the end of the day, your pet was your baby and you gave him the best life you could. You treated
him like a part of your immediate relatives, you catered him his favorite cookies and spend treasured
time with him. Since now he is not with you, he is breathing in your heart. It is okay that he is not
physically present there for you to hug him, but he is there in the environment. You can feel him when
you close your eyes. And the best part is, nobody can torture him or you don’t have to protect him
anymore because he is guarded by Lord now. You just think about your beloved pooch and you would
feel him in your arms. And eventually, we are all going to the same destiny and then you can meet
your pooch, right?
PS: Your Favorite Pooch is Looking at You and Smiling. Don’t Forget to smile Back!

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