Proven Tips to Work Productively from Home

Divya working on laptop at home

Since Corona Virus is taking its grip on the world, more and more companies are telling employees to work from home. Though it sounds easy and fortunate to work from home, it gets challenging to maintain the productivity and motivation.
Since I am a fulltime worker from home and have been working for nearly four years now, here I would share 5 tips to stay productive while you work from home. My experience can aid you in maintaining your productivity!

  1. Create an Environment
    The most important thing is to create an environment. You must clean up a corner of your house and unclutter the space. It is best if you work on the chair and table. No matter how good or skilled you are at your work, if the ambience is not professional and favorable; it would harm your productivity. If you wear a perfume to office, you must wear now too. It would give you the same working feel and environment.
  2. Discipline
    It is time to show your discipline. You must treat your working hours as seriously as you generally do when working from office. The best thing that I can suggest here is, ensure that you are working on everything with deadlines in hand. Don’t procrastinate because that would be an unending streak and the day would pass by fruitlessly. As an example, I start my work every morning between 8-8:30. No matter what happens, I maintain this schedule throughout the week. If you won’t’ treat your working hours professionally, they would not get you utmost outcome.
  3. Don’t Allow Anyone to Sit Around
    Just because you are working from home, it does not mean that your siblings or other inmates in the house would watch their favorite series sitting in the same room. You must maintain a distance from them. Their presence would make a negative impact on your concentration. You certainly work with other colleagues in the office but that is different. When you sit with your dear ones at home and work, your concentration stays divided.
  4. Eating Extensively
    It might be the time for your loved ones to pamper you and make delicious things for you but you need to stay alert here. Ensure that you eat only when your lunch break is. You must maintain the decorum of eating that you usually follow when working from office. If you would binge on food extensively, you would tug yourself towards a lazy body, inactive mind and ultimately; shallow outcomes.
  5. Don’t Sit in Your Night Suit
    It is okay not to wear those formals while working from home, but at the same time, you must not transform into nightwear. You need to wear proper clothes that keep you active. Active wear is a must because it keeps your mind attentive towards your work. If you wear fancy clothes at home, you might slip into a fancy and unprofessional zone. Your professional clothes also keep you motivated and inspired. There would be days when you may feel low, negative and unenergetic; and then such a dress up would boost your morale. Since the uniform gives you the feel of a specific activity, so as your professional dress.
    So, these were five important tips that you must follow. Believe me, I keep myself, dedicated, devoted, active and attentive throughout my weeks by following these tips. I could keep my professionalism and productivity intact all these years because I respected my work; no matter I work from home or office.


  1. Thank you divya for sharing this, I was really looking for this and finally i found it here. Thank you for Providing Productive Information.

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