The Thirsty Mind

Mind is always craving for more,
For some it is gossip, and for others it is learning.
Doesn’t matter what you crave for,
The point is to satisfy it.
If you claim the right of dreaming,
Take the responsibility to achieve it.
Don’t put the blame on the world for your dooms,
You can bloom if you choose to groom.
Adversities are scattered around the globe,
But solutions are mined by only a few.
Do you fall in the category of few?
Renew your strength in strength,
Take the responsibility of addressing your pains.
You have the will and spirit in you,
Just beat the negative rhythm of the world.
Pour planning and productivity in your mind,
And pursue your passions with practical moves.
Your mind is constantly craving,
Feed it the deeds it needs.

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