A Numb Moment

Numb written on board

The world is going too creepy because of corona virus pandemic. We are all locked in in our homes.
Amidst this scenario, I am under the weather. I got chicken pox on 17th march. The experience has
been bad.
Initially, I had 101 and 102 fever for a few days. I got blisters all over the body, inside the mouth and
ear and everywhere. The condition has not been rosy at all. I had no strength to even stand and go to
the washroom. Thankfully, I am with my parents and they took care of me day in and day out. I have
been on sick leave for some days and started my work partially yesterday.
For one or two days now, I can check out news on my mobile, do some tasks on my laptop and of
course, do some blogging or thought writing. Otherwise, there hardly been any nights when I slept in
the last one week and so. Things were getting on track, my blisters are now taking a U-turn and, on
the path, to drying.
During chicken pox, the patient should stay isolated. I have been in my room ever since it has started.
Now, day before yesterday, in the middle of all these anxious times, there has been a creepy yet numb
moment. My parents were in the other room sleeping and I was in my room trying to sleep. It was
around 1:30 in the morning and suddenly something fell on my forehead. Here, note that I always
keep a thin piece of cloth on my head to get good sleep. Soon I realized there was a lizard on my
forehead, shaking as if trying to make its way.
Since, I have already been going through chicken pox, I was lying in bed with no strength at all. I called
my parents but because of the distance they couldn’t hear. I somehow climbed out of my bed, made
my way through the room and went to their room. I woke them up. They said I may be feeling giddiness
and hence felt like a lizard on my head. I convinced them to accompany me to my room. They visited
my room and when they reached my pillow, they found the lizard on it. They chased it away from my
bed and cleaned up the area.
I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night too in the fear of lizards. It was really a repulsive and frightening
experience. My readers know that I am low vision and I cannot spot things or lizards for that matter.
Thankfully, since I am visually challenged, I have never seen how a lizard looks. People generally say
they look disgusting. I shared this experience on phone with my siblings and friends and they were in
laughter. Though, they agreed that such a scary moment can give a chilling spine to anyone. Did you
ever experience anything like this? Do share your views with me!
Ps: some people believe that there are good omens associated with lizard falling on you. Do you agree?
What do you have to say about it?


    • Agreed. These are the trying times that check our perseverance. And having parents around makes thing much easier. Maybe, down the lane, you find a blog post by me on the realization behind this incident. Maybe, the reasons unfold soon. Thank you for penetrating through the post wonderfully.

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