3 Lessons Every Individual Should Learn from Corona Virus Pandemic

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Corona virus is getting on everybody’s nerves. Thousands of people have lost their lives and lacs are
reported positive cases. The world is getting traumatized by this pandemic. But if you are sitting in your
house, watching news and sipping your coffee; you need to be vigilant too.
It is time that we all do some introspection and become better human beings. IN this post, I am going
to indicate three lessons that we all can learn from this locked-in period of Corona pandemic.

  1. We are Human Beings
    It might surprise you, but we all are too egoistic these days. We get into squabbles over petty issues.
    We think that we know everything and the other person is a fool. There are always times when you
    might have thought that you are so well-off and you own the streets. Well, this is a wake-up call or
    maybe the last call of nature. Lord is showing us our true capacities. The next time you think of belittling
    anyone or feel like speaking shit about others; don’t forget about this locked-in period. No matter you
    are a millionaire, a public figure or a leader; the reality of today is; you are locked in your house. So,
    hush and start working on your ego!
  2. We are Blessed
    What do you think? Stop cribbing about lavish lifestyles, luxurious cars, exotic holidays, rich cuisines
    and branded clothes. Whatever we have, we are blessed. A few months ago, did we think that we would
    be locked in our homes? If someone would have said such a thing a few months ago, we might have
    judged him or her as a fool or sick person. The world is running superfast in the contemporary age, and
    amidst it, the entire nations are at a pause. Don’t you think it has a lesson for us all? We need to be
    thankful for what we have and stay happy. It might sound like an easy task to accomplish but it isn’t.
    Start working on it right from this moment.
  3. High Level of Patience
    Many of us do not have patience at all. There is also a category of people who feel patience cannot be
    their cup of tea. Whichever category we might be in as an individual; today, we are learning patience.
    Yes, maybe you are cribbing, yelling and crying about the locked-in; but look at the silver lining.
    Nobody could have taught us the lesson of patience that this pandemic period is teaching. We are getting
    stronger in our mind; our patience level is going up and we need to be proud of ourselves. It is an
    opportunity to enhance our patience to the fullest.
    So, these three points might have made you feel little better about this horrific corona virus period. Do
    you have any points to add up to this list? Go ahead and share with us!


  1. Another lesson is that crisis can bring out both the worst and best in humanity. I’ve seen the worst (price gouging and stories of an increase in domestic violence) as well as the best (extraordinary acts of charity from many).

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