Believe Me: You are Strong

Two icecream cups

Dipped in terrible circumstances or soaked in negative surroundings,
You are strong!
Dragging yourself through the sulky days with the hope of brighter times;
Or waiting for the agony to end;
You are strong!
Heavy traumatized epochs are seasonal;
And so are your sufferings.
Listen, you are strong,
Wash your face, clench your spirit and feel the presence of Lord.
Weary minds are there to demean you,
But your essence cannot be shaped by the presence of dull fellows.
I know you have gone through much in life,
And You might go through the same in future too;
But what shouldn’t be neglected here is the growing strength you are obtaining.
You have every right to cheer and celebrate life,
And Your time will come soon.
You are strong,
And so is Your Maker, Dear Lord.


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