Bulb on hand

Let us be oblivious of realities for a moment,
And spend some quality time together.
The slavish deeds of folks break me within,
And I gasp for a breath of fresh air for you.
Let us be oblivious of the imposed bonds
And feel the freedom of childhood once again.
Contemporary reality is far away from the desired future,
And the feeling of not been able to do anything for you, peel off my heart every day.
Wish I could rescue you from the double standards of people,
And keep you safe in the closet of my heart.
Not a single day passes when I don’t pray for you,
And I have lost the memory of moment when we last time talked without restrictions.
Longing for the days when I can feel happy for you,
And experience that unforced smile on my face.
Can’t change the reality,
But avidly waiting for the sunny day for you.
For now,
Let us be oblivious and cocoon ourselves in imagined bliss.

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