The Twin Factor

Divya and her twin sister back towards us

There are always times when we experience things that strengthen our beliefs. My readers already
know that I have a twin sister and she is 2 minutes younger. We have been the best friends and now
she is married and lives in another city. Since our childhood, we have been so close to each other. We
used to share all our secrets and desires.
Ever since I have gained my senses, I have experienced an extra ordinary connection between us.
Certainly, I am visually impaired and she is not. But apart from that, we have silent similarities. With
every passing incidents we experience, it becomes apparent that twins can sense each other’s mood
and can catch fever too!
When we were doing our graduation, my sister was in another city, as her college was there. I did my
studies from my hometown, as a correspondent student. At that time too, there were instances that
were astonishing. I still recall a time when she was in her college seminar and there was no reason to
be upset but she got low instantly. She was with her college mates and the event was bubbly and
eventful. She could see no reason to be sad. And suddenly it hit her mind that maybe divya is not okay.
She made her way out of the hall and called me up. Of course, I have always been so careful about not
spoiling the moods of my loved ones. I genuinely was sad that day because of some reason. I was
crying when she called me. I pretended as if everything is okay and told her that I am doing good. She
being she; she persisted till I spilled the beans. I surrendered and told her everything. Certainly, I felt
better after talking to her.
Like this incident, there have been many more such incidents. There were times when I, all the sudden
felt scared and called her up, and got to know that she was sad, low or simply upset over something
serious. Now, this is something unusual. Such incidents have happened dozens of times.
Recently, an incident took place and it gave the validation to this thought of mine. She got sick in the
first week of January at her home in another city (with husband and in-laws). She got chicken pox. She
took two weeks to recover. And now, recently, on 17th march, I got severe chicken pox out of nowhere.
Of course, she goes out to office and so, she might have caught this seasonal infection from mates in
the office or simply in the air. But I, Istay at home since I work from home. I hardly mingle with crowds
frequently. I got this ailment out of nowhere and still I am recovering.
The underlining thing here is, we have more than four hundred kilometers distance between us and
this happened. Nobody has ever experienced chicken pox in the family and she was the first one and
then me. Truth be told, when she got sick in January, I had a slight feeling that I might get it in coming
times since we are twins. But if you are thinking now that I attracted it, that is not the scene. I thought
about ‘twin factor’ only once.
Now, do you really think that we have that ‘extreme telepathy’ bond? Is any of my readers twins?
What do you think about twin theory? I would be all ears to know such stories from you. You know,
my face beams when I share stories about my bond with my sister. Maybe she is no longer with me
and stay away from each other; we don’t talk for days, but she is and always be the wind beneath my

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