World Health Day: What Can We Do?

World health day heart

Today is the World Health Day. This global health awareness day gets celebrated every year on 7 April.
It gets celebrated under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), and also various
other related organizations.
Since the world is clouded with Corona virus, it is time to celebrate the existence of nurses, policemen
and cleaning staff. They are gruelling and they deserve every salute. WE are lockdown in our homes
and that is for our goodwill. But you know there are professional doctors and policemen who are
risking their lives? They know that their life is in danger but even then, they are staying in the front
and dealing with Corona Virus.
This is a small post to acknowledge their efforts and if not much, at least cooperate with them. We
are not experts and we cannot go ahead and deal with the patients of covid-19 but we can stay home
and complement the efforts of front line people. The world can become healthy only if we have faith
in God and belief in our authorities. This world health day, let us be more responsible and patient with
everything. The time is demanding but we need to be mentally strong and devoted. Let us not become
a problem for anyone and save the health of everyone by staying distanced and at home.
We Can Grow Through Corona in a Healthy Way!

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