Feelings are scary,
They elevate your spirit, and drop them too.
Folks dear to you,
At time make you feel insignificant.
They cherish your presence when they need it,
And sidestep you the very next moment.
The heart feels betrayed,
The spirit experiences a callous stab.
What is the substance of such feelings?
Are these just the product of temporary phase?
Or these feelings have deep insights to reveal?
What to do when a someone makes a person feels Insignificant?
Should you cut them off?


    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving a thoughtful coment.
      Yes, such tasks are challenging and difficult to accomplish. Just like on going process. One can’t simply cut off the people unfortunately. 😊 But then one can always try. πŸ‘

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  1. Expectations from others drop you in deep dark holes, while the ones from the self are all that always keep you going. Remember my words, there shouldn’t be even a single person on this Earth capable of making you feel or inculcate the feeling of being insignificant. You are unique and nobody else can be you. That wherein lies your ultimate power. Keep Smiling, Divya πŸ™‚ ❀

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