Junior: You Breathe in My Heart (1st Death Anniversary) 15th April

Divya and Junior sitting side to side

You, my dear Pet dog Junior, you still breathe in my Heart.
A Year has Passed Since My Muse Departed,
And here I am penning this dear verse.
The entire past year has witnessed me longing for you,
But my heart has made peace with it that you won’t return.
I know you are in a better place,
And look how blue the day is; I can’t even visit your graveyard to meet you because of lockdown.
You were a gorgeous golden Labrador,
And a compassionate friend.
You were the life of our house,
And I still smile to myself thinking about you.
Your wagging tail and sensible moves,
They flashback in my mind even today.
The nights when I don’t get sleep,
I begin to think about our cherished walks and I fall asleep.
But you, my dear muse,
We shall meet sooner or later in another universe.
Your silent presence in life was my happy place,
And even now, your innocent memories comfort me more than anything.
Your last heavy breaths still echo in my ears,
And I feel you departing every day.
No; my eyes are teary today,
But they have a spark of satisfaction that I had you once.
I love you today and forever,
And even on the day when my hair greys,

I would continue to say: “Junior, you are my invisible ally.”

A Poem Dedicated to My Labrador Junior. I spent nearly 10 years of pricelessness with him. My royal and my loyal.


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