Anger cartoon

Most of us are a victim of anger,
And unfortunately, it is our own product.
Anger is a free weapon,
And it pierces our manners & reputation in no time.
Anger has a motive to make us shout,
And surprisingly, we do it too.
Even knowing that anger would do no good,
We end up trapped in its firm grips.
The wisdom is to control anger,
And it is a thorny path for sure.
Maybe you think this β€˜Anger’ piece would enlighten you,
And you would stop angering overnight;
But the reality is,
Controlling anger is one of the toughest tasks to accomplish.
I admit that I lose temper at times,
And feel remorseful later.
Even if I am not wrong in a situation,
I must develop a habit of calmly handling the circumstances.
But this shady character anger,
It never fails to enslave me.
I am persistently working on my anger,
What about you?
I understand anger can do no good ever,
But it has become a routine for everyone today!


  1. I think we need anger to be able to stand up against injustices. If we did not have it, we would not react. But the test here is to use it the right amount and for the right things. We mostly fail at this test.

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