I am Listening

Artistic hand and ear

Please, I am all ears,
You can say it to me.
Don’t bring negativity in life,
Spit it out to me.
Come on, don’t be apprehended by difficult times,
And smother yourself within you.
Voice your thoughts,
And if you think people are not hearing; here I am.
My heart sinks,
When people commit suicide because of loneliness & negativity.
Sometimes, all you need is not a solution,
But a pair of ears to listen to you.
We are all alone as an individual,
But to be lonely is a choice.
Here, I am shouting out to my valuable readers,
You can anytime talk to me if you have anything troubling you.
I know how much it pains to be piled up with negativity,
And encountering haunting thoughts.
No wonder, you are strong,
But some adverse moments do convince you for giving in.
Don’t neglect your mental health,
And if you feel you are attracted by negativity, talk to someone.
Again, I am here,
All ears.


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