I Like You

I like you,
And perhaps, that’s why I am letting you go.
I care for your aspirations,
And perhaps, it is the true essence of a bond.
I know it would have been perfect,
But smothering someone’s dreams is not my forte.
I liked you despite the odds,
And shall keep our paths parted for the sake of it.
Liking is not about staying together,
It is about living happily in different worlds.
And lastly,
What must happen, will happen.
Hence, decided there won’t be more conversations,
And this is for the sake of good times we always had.
And who knows it is for the betterment,
Betterment for our individual goals and mutual connection.
Life is not a fairytale,
And that is acceptable.
I like you,
And that is the truth.
But I don’t impose things,
That is even a deeper reality of my life.
Many would agree,
Like a person, who likes you,
And not whom you like!
Some people realize it, And some simply don’t!


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