Faith in God cannot easily quiver,
If it does; you need to be patient.
Don’t judge your Maker like that,
You must be feeling low but God might have something better to unfold for you.
Don’t you worry if the wind is against you?
You are learning the skills of facing it.
But if you think you also need someone to pamper you,
Don’t worry one day your persistence would pamper you abundantly.
If toxic people are prying in your life,
Let them; God is watching.
You have your own persona,
And people cannot smother it with their venom vision.
Till you are on your side,
Nobody can thwart your bond with your soul.
Low times always hit the strings of our lives,
But we need to learn tYo make a melody of it.
When your Maker is not quivering,
How can you?

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