I Fear the Weekends

When you find a pattern of bad things happening,
You develop a notion.
For me, I am scared of weekends,
And the reason I don’t wish to disclose here.
Weekends make me feel anxious about a loved one,
A loved one who is suffering from something gross.
Weekends, I dislike them earnestly,
And I could find no reason this dislike gets lessen.
Things are getting no better,
And I am getting effected in a bad way.
I wonder, if hope is just hope-against-hope?
But then, my heart reminds me of Lord,
And I gulp the sore weekend with a sigh of hope.
God, I am an optimistic,
But seeing no light in the end of the tunnel shrinks me inside.
I feel for my loved one,
And I earnestly wish I could do something.
When you can’t do anything for an adored being,
Your heart begins to get hardened in every sense.
I just pray,
Sufferings of my loved one must not make me a cold-hearted person.

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