Hands crossed for prayers

Prayers make miracles happened,
And I believe in it.
Maybe it seems as if God is on a vacation to another planet for now,
I am still hopeful for a brighter day for my dear person.
I roar within me,
Sob in my sleeps;
And always looking for miracle to happen.
How coarse might be the situations now,
I still feel God would do something or might already be doing something quietly.
My heart goes out to my dear person,
And I do care for her.
A corner of my heart is always beaming with hope,
God is listening and would do something;
But since it has been so long waiting;
At times, I feel, my prayers seem futile.
God, I am a strong believer of spiritual powers,
And You cannot just ruin my belief in the Maker.
There must be a beacon of hope,
A hope that gives the strength to bear the seemingly never-ending aching shores.
God, my person waits for your presence,
Please, do what is right & heal the wounded soul.


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