I love me written with a heart

Your glory lies in your constant efforts,
And you can’t afford to embrace low self-esteem.
No matter what,
You can sail through the agonies if you have love for yourself.
No price, luxury or status;
Can replace the miraculous charm of self-esteem.
Self-esteem is one thing that you can earn,
And it will help you burn the uninvited verdicts of people.
Your life is a gift to you by lord,
And you have every right to love it with all your heart.
No one should have the power to dim this asset,
An asset that belongs to you and comes from you.
Work on yourself every single day,
And become the person you want to be in life.
Self-esteem is that vehicle,
That takes you places.
It is time that you cuddle high self-esteem,
And you shall find new perspectives towards a brighter and beautiful life.
Mark my words,
Self-esteem can empower you to fight every battle of your life with a smile!


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