Be tough
And you can deal with everything.
You can be the hero of your story,
But you need to be tough inside out.
You cannot just drag on toxic things in your life,
Things, that disappoint you at every step of your life.
Be tough to give up on them,
And bold enough to embrace future with open arms.
Life is not smooth,
But rough patches can be dealt with your unyielding persistence.
The world may want you to be this or that,
But you must be who you want yourself to be.
Toughness does not come with smooth roads,
It comes with uphill experiences.
Tough times are there to make you tough,
And once you are tough, you would be friends with toughness.
Either you fear it,
Or surpass it with your tenacity.
Be tough,
Because life does not spare the weak.


  1. Toughness comes from uphill experience, yes. Let’s we certainly are facing plenty of uphill experiences now! “Bee” who you were made to” bee” – and “bee” brave and inspirational, loving, and compassionate! ❤

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