Colourful stones with butterfly

Problems come in all sizes, shapes and forms;
But the solution depends on the sufferer.
Making a choice is never a cake walk,
But not making a choice could be devastating.
Either the problem rules you,
Or you rule it.
Problems are demanding, stressful and frustrating,
But the longer you take to come to a decision; the heavier their agony gets.
Problems look smidgen, when in another persons’ life,
But when encountered by you; it apparently looks like a rock.
Nobody can judge a problem,
Because everyone has different lifestyles & strength to deal with it.
During such instances, keeping yourself composed is the key,
Or your peace of mind would eventually flee.
Don’t give them much importance;
Or they might become the axle of your routine.
They would shake off your happiness;
If you house them for long in your life.

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