Ties of Terror

Seeing the broken hearts all around,
I feel weddings are no longer a bliss.
It is a forced bond,
Where two individuals are staying together because they don’t have any option.
Often encountered with questions related to my future,
I find myself short of words.
I don’t want to slip in a bond that becomes a baggage for life,
And the reality be told, paths of relationships do look tempting too.
Passionate friends who always wanted to tie the knots,
Are now, after wedding, silent like they never existed.
The forced smiles, stressed lives and blame games,
All these haunt the heart from within.
People say fights are the spice of marriages,
But these often become an unending burden for females.
You can find fairy like stories too,
But unfortunately, not many.
And there are also people who feel imprisoned,
And their lively spirits and welcoming attitude is now buried in the layers of marriage expectations.
Ties of terror,
Or ties of bliss; only God knows.


  1. Very beautiful poem friend. Every person must read it. The way you have used the words are really appreciable. This is a true message for society to face the reality. This writing has been beautifully expressed. I can feel the innocence. GOD bless you. Stay safe and blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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