Beautify 🤍

White horse

Make efforts to beautify your life,
Hit your mornings with positivity;
And end the days with contentment in the heart.
Beautification is not about splashing the facewash on your face,
It is about spreading love, humility and peace in your heart.
Bring the change in your habits,
That fits in the criteria of beautification.
Every person can make life beautiful,
If the intensions are good and deeds are humble.
Let’s not pour out our advises on others,
Rather embrace them for our life too.
A beautiful life is not a rich, millionaire or celeb life,
It is a life having utmost peace of mind and contentment.


  1. बहुत सुंदर, अनुपम, मनमोहक और प्रेरणार्थक संदेश बंधु👌

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