You are Never Alone 💙

Two girls standing

I won’t leave you,
I am here.
I might be weak at times,
But for you, I would do anything I need to do.
You have been a lady of substance,
And I care for you from the deepest layers of my heart.
The coatings of wrongness on you has been in abundance,
But this shall too pass my dear.
Lord, I don’t know if He is all ears,
But I never left any stone unturned to ask for His help.
I will work the hardest to make you fulfil your desires.
I promise to myself,
I shall take you out from the wells of sad zones.
Life is given to us for once,
And it cannot be ruined because of anyone;
I shall not let you crush your life like that.
Till the last breath of my life,
You would find me next to you!


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