Disability & Living in a Township

I was born in a township and till date; I have been living here. Indeed, the experience has been beautiful, friendly, and comfortable. I belong to a city named Naya Nangal. Today, as I am on the edge of bidding goodbye to my township residence, I so wanted to share my experience as a visually challenged resident of this township. Yes, in two days, we are shifting to our own house and my excitement sees no boundaries. But again, there is a lump in my throat as I am leaving this township quarter.
A home is always a bliss for anyone and I am no exception. But if you have ever lived in a township, you can relate to that distinct feeling of ‘natural familiarity. One thing that I have always adored about my NFL (National Fertilizers Limited) Township is that the layout of every house is almost the same. Indeed, I hardly ever experienced any issues in making my way to any other neighborhood quarters.
Since I have been too much equipped with the layout and the rooms and the area of the space in my house, I readily could make out what is where in the neighborhood quarters. The feeling has been accessible here. The feeling that you can simply step in any house and you know what exactly the layout would be there is a ‘freedom’ like feeling. You do not need to bump into any doors, pillars, or the walls.

The Dashing Wide Roads
I can bet that there can’t be any other township like that of NFL township Naya Nangal. It has been like a blessing and a bliss for me. I never faced any type of danger, threat, or accessibility issue here. Since the roads are wide, there are proper pavements installed, the grounds are mostly well trimmed and the walls are well-organized; I always found myself living in a place that belongs to specially me; a person with vision impairment!
There have been experiences where I even walked two kilometers every morning alone with my white cane from my house to the stadium for Karate workout. The confidence this township has given me throughout the years has been no less than a constant pat on my back. Indeed, one drawback that any township would always have is the ‘temporary’ nature of the neighborhood. People retire or get transferred and you get a new bunch of fellows in your locality. But the essence of this township has always been ravishing. I have visited so many places in my life, travelled different cities; but nothing can match the serenity of this township.
Well, having said it all, I loved the experience living in this quiet, peaceful, and accessible township of NFL – National Fertilizers Limited. It nurtured me with its refreshing air, spacious grounds and most importantly ‘natural familiarity.

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