My 3 Proven Ways to Improve Time Management

Clock on hand

Success never comes easy and you must put constant efforts for it. One important ingredient of
success is time management. I have always been a fan of time management and hence, would share
three proven ways for improving your time management.
It does not really matter if you are a student, a professional, a businessman, a housemaker, or any
individual; time management is crucial for everyone. If you do not value your time, your time would
pass you by.

  1. 24 Hours in a Day
    Everyone from a business owner to a student has 24 hours in a day. It is your skills that help you make
    the most of your time. Whenever you give yourself a lame excuse that you have no time or you are
    extremely busy; you must remind yourself about the concept of 24 hours a day. If you are
    procrastinating your actions or tasks, on the excuse that you do not have enough time then you are
    probably misleading yourself.
  2. Prioritize Your Tasks
    It is another decisive thing that many people do not pay much attention to. When you do not prioritize
    your tasks and actions; you end up with disappointments. You must know what is important for you
    to finish in the morning and what follows as the day unfolds. In this way, you can be certain that you
    do the tasks that are necessary. Once you balance your actions as per the ‘your priority ladder’, you
    would find it easy to finish all your essential tasks every single day.
  3. Reward & Punishment
    We are human beings and we do love rewards and fear punishments. Now, if you have an exam, you
    would be on your toes to invest utmost time in your studies, right? But what about the other days and
    seasons of your year? Do you stay messed up or attentive?
    Well, here, what you can do is, you must ensure that you keep some rewards and punishments for
    yourself. What I do is, whenever I finish all my tasks in a day as per the plan, I reward myself with my
    favorite dish or by doing something that I love to do. But when I fail to manage my time properly, I punish myself. I do not harm myself physically rather what I do is, I skip the things that I love to do
    every day. I take it as my punishment. For example, If I love to listen to music, I would not listen for a
    day as a punishment.
    In this way, the next time, I get lenient about managing my time, I fear the punishment. It is something that keeps me on track. You can also figure out your favorite things for your leisure and pleasure and skip them as a punishment if you mess up your time management. It works and can help you make
    the most of your efforts and days.
    To Sum Up
    Time management is a key to make the most of your days. You can be sure that you stay productive
    only if you use time in a tactful manner. I hope these points would help you manage your time aptly.
    You can share your views too regarding how you manage your time and what keeps you on track.


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